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Outlander Front Brake Calipers: 2g DSM/EVO 1-3

Outlander Front Brake Calipers: 2g DSM/EVO 1-3
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These are the calipers that come stock on the Mitsubishi Outlander. The Outlander uses the exact same dual-piston caliper found on 2g DSM AWD, but it uses a caliper bracket that spaces the caliper 10mm further from the centre of the hub. 

These are professionally remanufactured calipers with every component except the bare casting replaced with new (pistons, seals, bleeders, pins, hardware, etc). These are complete caliper assemblies: they include the hydraulic portion of the caliper and the bracket that attaches the caliper assembly to the vehicle. The fact that the brackets are included is especially important to DSMers who are using these as a "big brake" upgrade since the smaller DSM brakes have a different bracket. There is NO core charge associated with these calipers.

When purchased in pairs, we offer these calipers in four different finishes: bare cast iron or painted one of 3 colours: gloss red, gloss black, or flat black.

NOTE: If pads are ordered, you will receive the complete set whether you order a single caliper or a pair.

NOTE: It should be noted that the rebuilt calipers that we offer in painted finish are NOT powder coated or painted at the factory. We purchase the calipers in a bare cast state and spray paint them to order. We mask areas such as bleeder screw ports, brake line ports, bolts and the like from overspray, but the calipers are NOT completely disassembled into individual components, painted, then reassembled. The results are similar to what one would expect if they painted the calipers themselves. We are, afterall, charging only $35 to paint two calipers. It should also be noted that we paint these calipers only when an order is placed, we do NOT stock pre-painted calipers and since it takes a full day for painted calipers to dry, any order that includes them will be shipped out one day later than it would otherwise.

Application: DSM (1995-99).

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