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DSM: 2g non-turbo

DSM stands for Diamond Star Motors and was a joint Mitsubishi/Chrysler venture. DSMs existed in some form from 1990-1999 model years and for the 1995-99 model years produced two vehicles: Mitsubishi Eclipse and Eagle Talon. Both of these vehicles are mechanically identical. For example, a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse non-turbo is the same as a 1997 Eagle Talon non-turbo. The only differences are cosmetic (things such as aero parts, bumper covers, badging and the like).

For the designation "2g DSM non-turbo", the "2" stands for 2nd and the "g" stands for generation. Thus, 2g DSM is 2nd generation DSM and comprised the 1995-1999 model years.

In order to avoid unnecessary duplication in our webstore, we've chosen to list all parts for both 2g DSM non-turbo vehicles under:
MITSUBISHI > DSM > 2g non-turbo.

Please note that, in our webstore, 2g DSM (95-99) refers to the TURBO version of the 2g DSM and "DSM: 2g non turbo" refers to the non-turbo 2g DSM.
So if you own a non-turbo Mitsubishi Eclipse or Eagle Talon of 1995-1999 model years, parts for your car can be found in this category.


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