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-AN to Metric Fittings


-AN Male to Metric Male (Aluminum) -AN Male to Metric Male (Steel) -AN Male to Metric Female (Aluminum)
SKU: A1-ANM04-M10x1.0MBk
SKU: A2-ANM04-M10x1.0Mw
SKU: A1-ANM06-M14x1.5FBk
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-AN Adapter Fittings for OEM Fuel Filter: DSM/EVO Adapter to Connect -AN to Stock DSM/EVO Fuel Fittings Adapter to Convert Stock DSM/EVO Fuel Hard Line to -AN Male
SKU: 1K-A1-OEMFuelFilterAdapter
SKU: A1-ANM06-M14x1.5MIFBk
SKU: A1-ANM06-M14x1.5FIFBk
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Crush Washers O-Rings for -AN Fittings
SKU: MIT-MF660031
SKU: A1-ORBOring06
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