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We at RTM carry a lot of small items that are normally only sold as part of a “kit” or an “assembly”.  For our inventory system to work, these need to exist somewhere in the store.  That got us thinking:  someone MIGHT want to buy just the individual little part, so we should make them available.  The problem, of course, is that we don’t want to clog up the main store categories with hundreds of little bolts and washers, so we have put them here.

We don’t recommend trying to navigate your way through this stuff, but if you know a part number and use the search function, you just might find yourself here.  Virtually every part found in this category will exist (in some form) elsewhere on our site, and in those cases, we will provide a link  (in the "Related products" section) to those products.

OEM Mitsubishi

Non OEM Parts