When RTM Racing was founded several years ago, our main focus was on the joint Mitsubishi/Chrysler product known to the world as a DSM. (DSM is an acronym for Diamond Star Motors, the name given both to the Mitsu/Chrysler partnership and to the family of vehicles it produced). Both Mitsubishi and Chrysler contributed various designs, vehicle sub-assemblies, engines, drivetrain components, chassis components, suspension systems, etc. The happy result of this partnership is known as a DSM.

RTM Racing has since expanded the business to include vehicles of many brands and manufacturers (with a definite emphasis on the so-called "Sport Compact" market).

Despite the fact that we cater to many vehicle lineups, our main area of expertise is still the DSM. Since the heart and soul of a DSM is the engine and drivetrain and since these are largely Mitsu components, the DSM is generally regarded as a Mitsubishi product. Since RTM carries products for several Mitsu vehicles, we've grouped our entire list of Mitsu vehicles under the main Mitsubishi Category.

Eclipse / Talon / Laser

DSM: 1g (1990-94)

DSM: 2g (1995-99)

DSM: 2gNT (1995-99)

EVO: I-III (1992-96)

EVO: IV-VI (1996-01)

EVO: VII-IX (2001-07)

EVO: X (2008-15)

Galant VR4 (1988-97)

3000GT (1991-99)

Lancer / Ralliart

OEM Hardware