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Terms & Conditions

- Prices do NOT include shipping or any applicable taxes (unless explicitly stated otherwise) and are subject to change without notice.
- RTM Racing will NOT be responsible for pricing errors (technical or otherwise), misprints or typographical errors which may occur on our website and has the right to cancel ANY ORDER AT ANY TIME.
- All returns must be approved by RTM Racing.
- All returns subject to a restocking fee of up to 20%.
- All items returned must be in "as new" condition.
- ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS on electrical or electronic items.
- ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS on used or installed items.
- No returns more than 30 days after date of order.
- RTM Racing will NOT be responsible to cover any shipping costs (either TO the customer or FROM the customer) on any returned item except in cases of obviously defective items or the shipment of incorrect items.  RTM Racing will be the sole determinant in whether items are "defective" and/or "incorrect".
- Cancellation of an order not yet shipped subject to a processing fee of up to 10%.
RTM Racing is a Canadian company, located in Canada.  The official currency of ALL TRANSACTIONS IS CANADIAN DOLLARS (CDN$).  Our webstore also display a US dollar price (USD$).  THIS IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE of the US dollar equivalent of our official price WHICH IS IN CANADIAN DOLLARS.  When a non-Canadian customer places an order, the transaction will be in Canadian dollars.  The customer's paypal account or credit card issuer will determine the relevant exchange rate at the time the transaction is posted.  RTM Racing has no control over the individual customers' paypal or credit card issuer's exchange rate nor is RTM Racing responsible in any way for this exchange rate.
RTM Racing ships orders worldwide from our location in Canada.  Any customs fees, brokerage fees, or cross border fees of any kind applied to a shipment is the sole responsibility of the customer.  RTM Racing accepts no responsibility for any cross border fees of any kind for any international shipment.  RTM Racing also accepts no responsibilty for any shipment delays that may arise from cross border transactions.
- RTM Racing does NOT directly warranty ANY item (whether express or implied).  All applicable warranties are by manufacturer only.
- RTM Racing does NOT accept any returns for replacement.  We can put you in touch with the supplier or manufacturer and you can deal with them directly for any type of warranty replacement.
- RTM Racing makes no warranties or guarantees, express or implied, as to the emission law compliance of any part sold or any of its customers' vehicles.
- All products sold by RTM Racing are intended for off-road use only.
- All installations are at the customer's own risk.
- RTM Racing will NOT be responsible for any costs associated with the installation of any part.
- RTM Racing accepts no responsibility (either implied or otherwise) for mechanical, electrical or other failure when using any product purchased from RTM Racing.

Terms & Conditions valid as of Feb 2021.