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RTM Upgraded Fuel Return Line Kit (from AFPR to Tank): DSM/EVO

RTM Upgraded Fuel Return Line Kit (from AFPR to Tank): DSM/EVO
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Complete your fuel line upgrade by replacing your rusty return lines!

We DO make a few very basic assumptions about the general layout of your setup and include the hose ends to match. If your setup is especially unusual, you may need to purchase additional hose ends/fittings.

The kit includes the following:

  • from 6 to 20 ft of hose (default length 12ft) (in style of your choice)
  • if -6AN return line chosen, two hose ends in style and colour of your choice: two straights (AFPR outlet, return line end)
  • a good supply of hose support clamps and hardware to allow you to securely mount your hose to the underside of your vehicle. We also include three M6 flange-head bolts to allow you to use the existing threaded holes in the floorpan where the stock hard line brackets go. We find these make ideal locations to mount at least three of your support clamps. It gives a nice, professional look.
  • AFPR outlet fittings are available as an option

NOTE: AFPR = Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator.

NOTE: For length of hose, the default length is 12ft.  However, you can select as little as 6ft and as much as 20ft.  This is to accommodate those with non-typical applications. We feel 12ft represents the best length for a typical installation.

NOTE: The connection for the return hose on a stock fuel tank is an 8mm hose barb bung. If 8mm hose is chosen for the return line, this hose is simply slipped onto the existing stock hose barb bung and secured with a hose clamp (which we supply). If -6AN hose is chosen for the return line but you still intend to use the stock 8mm hose barb bung on the tank, we include a -6AN hose end plus the necessary fittings and clamps to connect to a short length of 8mm rubber hose, which in turn, connects to the existing stock hose barb bung. If you have unit with a -6AN male fitting at the tank for the return line, we will provide the appropriate hose end.

NOTE: Hose ends for pushlock hose NOT available in silver.

NOTES on E85 and other HIGH-ALCOHOL CONTENT FUEL: The only style of hose we feel comfortable recommending for use with E85 fuel and other high-alcohol content fuel is Teflon-lined braided hose. Our research has indicated to us that other materials (like various synthetic rubbers, which are found in nearly every other type of hose) may or may not be alcohol friendly (depending largely on the exact chemical composition of the hose).

NOTE: Photo depicts a selection of available hose, hose ends and other components. Be assured that your order will correspond to your selections in the drop-downs.

DSM (1990-99).

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