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RTM is pleased to announce these are BACK IN STOCK! 

Even before covid hit we had one heck of a time finding vehicle-specific FMIC's of any kind.  We happened to find a company that was willing to manufacture these if we placed a large enough order.  Well we did, so they did.  Then came covid and everything changed.  Shipping costs literally increased 9-10 fold.  This added cost would have made our selling price beyond what we figured most DSMers would tolerate.  So we waited until shipping costs returned to saner levels.  They eventually did, so we pulled the trigger.  Thus, we are pleased to present the RTM FMIC Kit for 2g DSM.

Not only is this a 2g DSM specific FMIC, but also available is a 2g DSM specific piping kit.  How's that for a novel idea!  A vehicle-specific FMIC and matching short route piping kit!  We'll bet it's been awhile since you've seen such a kit actually available to purchase.

The RTM FMIC is virtually identical to the VRS FMIC (which is no longer available from VRS).  

This FMIC includes the following features: 

  • vehicle-specific kit that includes brackets welded in at precise locations to facilitate vehicle mounting
  • 2.5" inlet/outlet are located to facilitate virtually the shortest piping route possible

Intercooler specs: 

  • bar & plate design, core 3.5 x 10 x 28" & 34" overall across the tanks.

Also available with the FMIC is a 2g DSM-specific short route piping kit.  The piping kit comes with 4 pieces of piping (with pipe beads at each end for tight, secure connections), 5 x 4-ply silicone couplers (in style and colour of your choice) (3 of 2.5" diameter, 2 of 2" diameter) and 10 T-bolt clamps (6 of 2.5", 4 of 2").  This piping kit will allow you to completely plumb the FMIC into your 2g DSM. One of the pipes has a 1g DSM style BOV flange welded in place.  (For those who intend to use a different BOV (HKS or Greddy style for example) RTM carries adapters to convert a 1g DSM flange to an HKS or Greddy flange.  For details, refer to the "Related products" section near the bottom of the page).  For details on the piping kit, please refer to the "RTM FMIC Short Route Piping Kit: DSM" in the "Related products" section near the bottom of the page.

For those with an unusual engine bay setup, turbo location, intake setup, or throttle body / intake manifold setup may require additional parts or some customization / modification to plumb in your FMIC.

This FMIC kit accomodates any downward firing turbo (50 Trim, FP Green, FP Red, Garret GT Series, etc) with no additional parts required. Mitsu and Mitsu-style turbos (14B, 16G, 18G, 20G) require the use of a J-pipe (which we offer as an option). Garrett turbos such as the T25/T28 can also fit with minor modificaiton.

For those who choose the FMIC without the piping kit, but with a J-pipe, you will also be prompted to "add 90* coupler & t-bolt clamps to J-pipe".  This coupler is a premium 4-ply silicone 90-degree coupler (in colour of your choice) that attaches to the 2" end of the J-pipe and transitions up to 2.5" at the other end.  A pair of T-bolt clamps is also included.  This allows you to plumb into your I/C piping downstream of your J-pipe.

NOTE: This FMIC kit is designed to be a virtually hassle-free complete bolt on with only some slight trimming to the vehicles radiator core support to allow clearance for the I/C's inlet/outlet. It should be noted that the stock foglights generally CANNOT be retained without customization/modification of the foglight mounts/locations and/or customized mounting of the intercooler.

NOTES on FITMENT: The I/C can be mounted using either the side tabs or the bracket on top, but the use of both requires some customization/modification. For the most secure mounting, we recommend using the side tabs and (if necessary) removing or modifying the top bracket. The side tabs are located in a position that places them directly over existing threaded holes near the stock foglight location. We recommend drilling a hole in each of the side tabs in positions that correspond to the existing threaded holes and bolting the I/C in place.  Fasteners for this mounting are NOT included with the kit, as mounting strategy is up to you.

Application: DSM (1995-99).

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