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Deposit on OEM Oil Pump Gears (MD121120, MD125361)

Deposit on OEM Oil Pump Gears (MD121120, MD125361)
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Deposit on OEM straight-cut oil pump gears.
Non-refundable(*) deposit on MD121120 or MD121120 & MD125361

This product exists to accept deposits on OEM straight cut oil pump gears (MD121120 (drive gear) and MD125361 (driven gear)). 

Pricing on gears:
MD121120: $399.99 CAD
MD121120 & MD125361: $499.99 CAD

Any deposit paid will be applied to your overall order such that your overall order will be reduced by the amount of your deposit.

We will be ordering these gears from our supplier on or around Dec 1.  When they arrive, orders will be filled with preference given to those who have placed deposits.  Thereafter (if any gears remain) they will be sold on a first come, first serve basis though our webstore.

Each $100 deposit is for a single drive gear or gear set.  If you intend to purchase multiple drive gears or gear sets, you'll need to purchase multiple deposits.

There will be no "holds" without a deposit.

(*) Deposit is non-refundable if gears are in stock.
If, for some reason, we fail to acquire the gears, or the number of deposits exceed the number of gears / gear sets available, relevant deposit(s) will be refunded.

Choose gears to place deposit on:

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