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REBUILD SERVICE: Rear Brake Calipers: 1g DSM AWD

REBUILD SERVICE: Rear Brake Calipers: 1g DSM AWD
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RTM offers a rebuild service to rebuild 1g DSM AWD rear calipers.  These are the only calipers we offer this rebuild service for.

This rebuild service is available ONLY for 1g DSM AWD REAR calipers and NO OTHER CALIPERS, (including 1g DSM FWD rear calipers).  Any calipers we receive that are NOT 1g DSM AWD REAR calipers will be returned to you at your expense (or in the case of refusal to pay return shipping, abandoned without compensation).  

The way it works is that you send us your 1g DSM AWD rear calipers and we send them out to a local rebuilder to have rebuilt.  The turnaround time can vary a bit but is generally in the order of 1-2 weeks.  (This 1-2 week turnaround time begins once we have your calipers and ends when they are back from the rebuilder.  It does NOT include the time it takes to ship your calipers to us nor the time it takes to ship the rebuilt calipers back to you).

We offer this service for a matching pair of 1g DSM AWD rear calipers only (that is, one left and one right).  If you wish to have more than one pair of calipers rebuilt, contact us for details.

Since the total turnaround time can be fairly long (upwards of 2-4 weeks, depending on your location) we offer a couple of convenient payment options.  You can pay half the total amount up front and the rest when the calipers have been rebuilt and awaiting shipment to you.  Or, you can pay the full amount up front and we'll ship the rebuilt calipers to you immediately.

For those who prefer not to have to wait for the fairly lengthy turnaround time of having their own calipers rebuilt, we also offer our on-the-shelf rebuilt calipers which require no cores and are available to be shipped immediately.  For details, please refer to the "Rear Brake Calipers: 1g DSM AWD" in the "Related products" section near the bottom of the page.

Before shipping your calipers to us, you MUST contact us to obtain an RA (return authorization) number and our return shipping address (which differs from the address on our website)Also, you may wish to take advantage of our excellent shipping rates by purchasing a shipping label from us to ship your calipers to us.  

Please contact us via email at: paul@rtmracing.com or by phone at 905-930-9701 for details.  If contacting us by phone, it may be necessary to leave a message on our voicemail.

NOTE: Our rebuilder assures us that nearly ALL calipers can be rebuilt.  The only exceptions are cases where a critical part of the casting is irreparably damaged or missing.  In cases where a set of calipers cannot be rebuilt, you'll have the choice of having us return them to you (at your expense) or having us discard them.  In such cases, you'll be refunded your purchase price less any shipping fees (to return them to you, if chosen) plus a small administration fee (of no more than 5%).

NOTE: It should be noted that this rebuild service is a service where YOUR PARTICULAR CALIPERS are rebuilt and returned to you.  It is NOT a core exchange/replacement service.  Therefore, any components missing from the calipers you send us will also be missing from the rebuilt calipers. (There may be some exceptions with readily available sundry items such as bleeders, boots, basic hardware, etc).

NOTE: In cases where the calipers you send us to rebuild do not include the pad bracket, the components attached to the pad bracket will NOT be included in the rebuild.  Our rebuilder will be rebuilding YOUR PARTICULAR CALIPERS.  It will not be a core exchange/replacement service. 

NOTE: To aid in distinguising 1g AWD rear and 1g FWD rear calipers, we have a few side-by-side photos in the "View detailed images" link.  The main differences are in the orientation of the parking brake mechanism "protrusion" and the orientation & style of the brake line ports.

DSM (1990-94) AWD rear brake calipers.

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