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VR4 4-Piston Front Brake Calipers

VR4 4-Piston Front Brake Calipers
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These are the same calipers that came stock on the Stealth/3000GT Turbo AWD (1991-99) and are used on our 3000GT-VR4/Cobra & 3000GT-VR4/Genesis Front Big Brake Upgrade Kits.

These are professionally remanufactured calipers with every component except the bare casting replaced with new (pistons, seals, bleeders, pins, hardware, etc).  There is NO core charge associated with these calipers. Calipers are available in bare cast aluminum or painted one of 3 colours: gloss red, gloss black, or flat black.

There are two different styles of calipers available:

  • 1st generation calipers: came stock on 1991-93 model year Mitsu 3000GT VR4
  • 2nd generation calipers: came stock on 1994-99 model year Mitsu 3000GT VR4

The generation of caliper used is VERY IMPORTANT because there are TWO DIFFERENT VR4 brake upgrade bracket kits we sell: one for 1st gen VR4 calipers and one for 2nd gen VR4 calipers and these caliper/bracket combinations ARE NOT INTERCHANGABLE.  That is, 1st gen VR4 calipers MUST be matched to 1st gen brackets and 2nd gen VR4 calipers MUST be matched to 2nd gen brackets.  This has absolutely nothing to do with the generation of DSM these are being installed on.

The generation of caliper used is VERY IMPORTANT because the VR4 caliper has to match the Genesis rotor being used.  1st gen VR4 calipers must be matched to the 320mm Genesis rotor and the 2nd gen VR4 calipers must be matched to the 340mm Genesis rotor.  The RTM caliper brackets are the same for either generation of caliper and either Genesis rotor.

The easiest way to distinguish 1st gen & 2nd gen VR4 calipers is from the diameter of their respective rotors--1st gen VR4 rotors are 11.6" and 2nd gen VR4 rotors are 12.4". Another way of distinguishing VR4 calipers is by the length of the mounting ears. Use this procedure: remove any pads, clips or pins that protrude above the top of the caliper. Lay the caliper upside down on a flat surface and measure the distance from the flat surface to the centre of the mounting holes (on the mounting ears). For 1st gen calipers the distance is about 3.75" and for 2nd gen it's a bit less than 4.125". For reference, in our "view detailed images" link, we have a photo of the two generations of VR4 calipers side by side.

Mitsubishi produced these calipers both with and without "MITSUBISHI" cast into them.  In one of the drop-downs below, we prompt for MITSUBISHI logo or no logo.  We can mix and match caliper halves to install outer caliper halves with or without logo on any inner caliper half, but in some cases the blasted finish of the two halves would look totally different, and this would look silly  Therefore, we will not do this on unpainted calipers.  If ordering unpainted calipers, your selection will be a logo PREFERENCE, and you agree to accept whatever we have available.  If you are having the calipers painted, this mismatched finish will be covered up, so we WILL mix and match.  In this case, your selection will be a logo CHOICE.

It should be noted that the rebuilt calipers that we offer in painted finish are NOT powder coated or painted at the factory. We purchase the calipers in a bare cast state and spray paint them to order. We mask areas such as bleeder screw ports, brake line ports, bolts and the like from overspray, but the calipers are NOT completely disassembled into individual components, painted, then reassembled. The results are similar to what one would expect if they painted the calipers themselves. We are, afterall, charging only $35 to paint two calipers. It should also be noted that we paint these calipers only when an order is placed, we do NOT stock pre-painted calipers and since it takes a full day for painted calipers to dry, any order that includes them will be shipped out one day later than it would otherwise.

NOTE: These are the calipers needed to upgrade your DSM/EVO to the "3000GT-VR4/Cobra Front Big Brake Upgrade" or the "3000GT-VR4/Genesis Front Big Brake Upgrade". For details, please refer to the "Related products" link near the bottom of the page.

NOTE: If pads are chosen, they will always be for both sides.

NOTE: Photo is for display purposes and depicts a pair of 1st gen VR4 calipers.  Be assured that your order will correspond to your selections in the drop-downs.

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