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Knock Sensor: 1g DSM/Galant

Knock Sensor: 1g DSM/Galant
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The OEM knock sensor for 1g DSM has been discontinued by Mitsu for some time now.  Even aftermarket versions of this sensor are nearly impossible to find.  So what's a 1g DSMer to do?  Glad you asked.  Read on . . .

The OEM knock sensor for certain Mitsu Mirage/Galant applications (MD131681) is identical to the 1g DSM knock sensor except the length of wire is slightly shorter. That's the only difference.  All other specs are the same: the internals of the sensor are designed to detect the same frequency vibrations as the 1g sensor, the thread is the same, the sensor body is the same, the connector is the same, etc, etc.  Everything is the same except the wire length.

This is an aftermarket knock sensor for the same Mirage/Galant applications and is functionally identical to the OEM sensor (MD131681).

This sensor will function perfectly well in a 1g DSM.  The only condition is that you may have to extend the wiring in your vehicle to accomodate it.

DSM (1990-94).
Galant (1990-93).

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