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3000GT-VR4/Genesis Front Big Brake Upgrade Kit: 2g DSM

3000GT-VR4/Genesis Front Big Brake Upgrade Kit: 2g DSM
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Build your custom 3000GT-VR4/Genesis brake kit!

This kit starts with our own mounting bracket and hardware kit, with optional hubcentric rings to properly mount your choice of 320mm or 340mm Hyundai Genesis rotors to your DSM. You can then add the calipers, pads, rotors, and brake lines of your choice.  It should be noted that VR4 calipers use an inverted flare fitting as the attachement point for the brake lines which is NOT compatible with the stock 2g DSM lines.

3000GT-VR4/Genesis Brakes vs 
3000GT-VR4/Cobra Brakes:

While we've always considered our 3000GT-VR4/Cobra Front Big Brake Upgrade to be an excellent brake upgrade (and have sold countless units) many of our customers have made us aware of a minor shortcoming it has.  Because of the design of the VR4 4-piston calipers (2 inboard pistons & 2 outboard pistons), the VR4 calipers protrude outboard much more than the stock calipers.

With the Cobra rotors, the VR4 calipers protrude outboard about 39mm more than the stock brakes. This limits the number of rims able to clear the VR4/Cobra brakes.

The major advantage of the Genesis rotors is that they are offset about 12mm less outboard than the Cobra rotors. This places VR4/Genesis brakes 12mm LESS OUTBOARD than VR4/Cobra brakes (or about 27mm more outboard than the stock brakes). 


Mitsubishi produced these calipers both with and without the "MITSUBISHI" cast right into them.  Since we are buying rebuilt calipers, we have no control over what we get.  In past, we separated them by whether they had the logo or not, so that you would always receive a matched pair.  These calipers are getting harder and harder to find, and we feel we must now ignore whether they have the logo, same as every other vendor does. 

We will still prompt for your preference, but be aware it is ONLY a preference, and although we will make every effort to honour your preference, you will receive whatever we have in stock.  It is even possible you will get one caliper WITH the logo and one WITHOUT.

It should be noted that the rebuilt calipers that we offer in painted finish are NOT powder coated or painted at the factory. We purchase the calipers in a bare cast state and spray paint them to order. We mask areas such as bleeder screw ports, brake line ports, bolts and the like from overspray, but the calipers are NOT completely disassembled into individual components, painted, then reassembled. The results are similar to what one would expect if they painted the calipers themselves. We are, afterall, charging only $35 to paint two calipers. We should also point out that calipers with the MITSUBISHI logo are painted with the same method as the non-logo calipers--we do NOT mask off the logo or paint it in a contrasting colour, the entire caliper will be uniformly painted. It should also be noted that we paint these calipers only when an order is placed, we do NOT stock pre-painted calipers and since it takes a full day for painted calipers to dry, any order that includes them will be shipped out one day later than it would otherwise.

NOTES on 1st Gen/2nd Gen VR4 CALIPERS:
This brake kit is available with two different diameter Genesis rotors: 320mm and 340mm.  The 320mm rotors must be matched to the 1st gen VR4 calipers (which are from 1991-93 model year Mitsu 3000GT VR4) and the 340mm rotors must be matched to the 2nd gen VR4 calipers (which are from 1994-99 model year Mitsu 3000GT VR4).

If you are ordering calipers and rotors from us in this kit, there is no need to concern yourself with the differences between 1st gen & 2nd gen VR4 calipers as we will match the appropriate VR4 calipers with the appropriate Genesis rotors.  It is only if you are sourcing your VR4 calipers and/or Genesis rotors elsewhere that you need concern yourself with the differences.

The easiest way to distinguish 1st gen & 2nd gen VR4 calipers is from the diameter of their respective rotors--1st gen VR4 rotors are 11.6" and 2nd gen VR4 rotors are 12.4". Another way of distinguishing VR4 calipers is by the length of the mounting ears. Use this procedure: remove any pads, clips or pins that protrude above the top of the caliper. Lay the caliper upside down on a flat surface and measure the distance from the flat surface to the centre of the mounting holes (on the mounting ears). For 1st gen calipers the distance is about 3.75" and for 2nd gen it's a bit less than 4.125". For reference, in our "view detailed images" link, we have a photo of the two generations of VR4 calipers side by side.

In the drop-downs below, when we prompt for "upgrade" and the choices are "1st gen VR4 calipers with 320mm rotors" and "2nd gen VR4 calipers with 340mm rotors" these are referring to the VR4 CALIPERS you plan on using NOT THE MODEL YEAR OR GENERATION OF YOUR VEHICLE.

NOTE: Photo is for display purposes and depicts a full kit with StopTech slotted rotors.  Be assured that your order will correspond to your selections in the drop-downs.

NOTE: For details of the various available calipers, rotors, pads, and lines, please refer to the "Related products" link near the bottom of the page.

NOTE: These brakes will NOT fit with all 17" & 18" wheels (and essentially no 16"ers)--the area of interference is rarely the inner diameter of the rim, but rather, the inner surface of the rim "spokes". Since the design of this area can vary widely from rim to rim, (and is not easily measured) it's virtually impossible for RTM Racing to confirm fitment. It should be noted, however, that most interference issues of this type can be remedied with wheel spaces to further offset the rim to the outboard side. We carry wheel spacers--for details please refer to the "Related products" link near the bottom of the page. A list of rims known to clear/not clear is available on the RTM Forums (which can be accessed via link at top of page). Refer to the "RTM Product Information" category at the top of the Forum main page.

NOTE: Installation instructions for this and many other RTM products are available by following the "RTM Installation Instructions" link at the top of this page. 

THE MORE YOU BUY, THE MORE YOU SAVE!  Purchase either a pair of calipers or a pair of premium rotors as part of your kit, and we will reduce the price of the bracket/hardware kit by $30.00.  Purchase both, and we will lower the price by $60.00.  Add a set of premium pads (Hawk or EBC) and brake lines, and we will reduce the price by $90.00!  You will be getting the brackets and hardware at well below our cost!

Application: DSM (1995-99).

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