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Remflex 2-Bolt Exhaust Gaskets

Remflex 2-Bolt Exhaust Gaskets
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Remflex's unique flexible graphite material has been proven for more than 30 years in industrial applications, where temperatures routinely exceed 2,000°F day after day, week after week, year after year. Now, this technology is available to enthusiasts of all kinds to eliminate exhaust leaks for good.

Remflex exhaust gaskets come in a standard 1/8" thickness and are designed to crush 50%. This allows them to fill gaps in the flange surface up to 1/16".  100% flexible graphite construction means Remflex gaskets are good for up to 3,000°F, far exceeding that of any vehicle's exhaust system temperature.  Remflex exhaust gaskets rebound 30%, creating an optimum seal that eliminates the need to re-torque.

Remflex gasket FAQs:
- DO NOT BEND. Designed to withstand clamping force and incredible heat, but not bending.  If they are bent, they will break!
- DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.  When properly installed, the flange should be tightened evenly and the gasket crushed approx 50%.
- LONGER BOLTS NOT NECESSARY. Though thicker than ordinary gaskets, standard length bolts will work fine.
- DO NOT USE SEALERS. Silicone and other sealers cannot withstand the same temperatures as Remflex gaskets and can actually cause leaks.
- ROUGH SIDE/SHINY SIDE: Remflex gaskets have one smooth side and one textured side.  The texturing is the result of the manufacturing process and does not effect the function of the gasket.  Once installed, both sealing surfaces perform exactly the same.

2.5" Specs:
- slotted bolt holes with 3.5"-4.25" bolt hole spacing.
- torque to 20 ft/lbs.
3" Specs:
- 4.125" bolt hole spacing.
- torque to 20 ft/lbs.

Sold individually.

Available in 2.5" and 3" sizes.

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