Radium Clutch Fork Return Stop: EVO 7-10

Radium Clutch Fork Return Stop: EVO 7-10
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The Radium Engineering clutch fork return stop addresses a common problem on the Mitsu EVO pull-type clutch slave cylinder.

During hard shifting and fast clutch pedal operation, the clutch fork can return too far and cause the throwout bearing to become unclipped from the clutch fork. This results in expensive transmission removal to fix.

The Radium clutch return stop prevents the fork from over-traveling, eliminating a throwout bearing issue. Inexpensive insurance to protect your clutch.

The clutch stop is multi-axis CNC machined in order to position the hex bolt precisely square with the clutch fork.


  • CNC-machined, anodized clutch fork stop
  • stainless steel adjustment screw and lock nut
  • stainless steel mounting bolts

EVO VII 5-speed
EVO (VIII-IX) 5-speed, 6-speed
EVO X 5-speed


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