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Magnus Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade: EVO 10

Magnus Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade: EVO 10
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The original from Magnus Motorsports.

The problem is the original plastic clutch master cylinder on the Mitsubishi EVO X was not engineered to handle the increased pressure exerted by higher strength racing clutches. The original which is made of plastic, can break when under normal use or even more so when combined with with an aftermarket clutch eventually splits leaving you stranded without a clutch.

This kit replaces the OEM clutch master cylinder in a Mitsubishi EVO X GSR with a stronger more reliable setup, allowing you to upgrade to a stronger clutch while eliminating the possibility of failure. This kit is designed to adapt the clutch master cylinder out of the EVO VIII & EVO IV into the EVO X. The thick T6061 aluminum construction eliminates any deflection from the heaviest of racing clutches. It’s solid, single surface design dissolves any fatigue points giving the setup a longevity over any other kit on the market. One benefit from this assembly is the innovative pedal joint assembly found only on the Magnus kit. This billet aluminum design eliminates the need to cut off the original pedal ball joint to accommodate a heim joint. It also provides you with the ability to adjust pedal height with ease while safely locking the assembly in seconds. Anybody who has been on their back trying to work on their pedal assembly under a dash will appreciate how easy this makes the entire process. All you do is break the jam nut screw remove the clip, pull off the ball-joint and thread to your desired clutch pedal height. The elegance of this design is that it allows you to test the height rather quickly without committing to tightening the locking clip until you are ready. Change the height, test the pedal and adjust some more. This is the easiest, most convenient, and more accurate way to control the height of your pedal.

Included in the kit is a one piece braided stainless steel clutch line that upgrades and completely replaces the factory clutch line in the car.

Application: EVO X.

Kit is available with or without new OEM EVO 8-9 master cylinder (MR491945).
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