MAP Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade: EVO 10

MAP Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade: EVO 10
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From MAP.

If you've experienced a clutch master cylinder failure or are simply being proactive, this unit is a godsend. The stock plastic clutch master cylinder is notorious for failing with upgraded clutches and/or spirited driving. This kit allows you to use the superior all-metal master cylinder that came on EVO 8-9 models.

With this kit there is no need to remove the pedal assembly and cut the ball joint as a billet ball joint attachment is included. Additionally, pedal height is easily adjustable by breaking loose the jam nut, removing the clip, and threading the balljoint to your desired pedal height. A braided stainless steel line replaces the original line as well.

This is a must have upgrade for EVO X owners if you're installing an upgraded clutch.

Application: EVO X.

Kit is available with or without new OEM EVO 8-9 master cylinder (MR491945).
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