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"Mid Grade" Pads for DSM Dual-Piston Front Brakes: DSM

"Mid Grade" Pads for DSM Dual-Piston Front Brakes: DSM
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These are stock-type replacement pads for a street driven vehicle. They're better than our economy pads but not as good as the more expensive premium pads we carry.

NOTE: We buy these pads from a number of different big-name pad manufacturers (Axxis, Brembo, etc). Since different manufacturers have various sales and discounts at various times throughout the year, the brand of pads we happen to have on our shelf at any one time can vary. Thus, if you're looking for a particular brand, we recommend one of our premium pads (Hawk, EBC, etc).

NOTE: Beginning midway through the 1992 model year, Mitsu upgraded the front brakes on AWD DSMs from single-piston calipers to dual-piston. Because this upgrade was such an improvement in braking and because it was so simple and inexpensive it was (and still is) a popular upgrade for DSMs that came with single-piston calipers (early AWDs and all FWDs).

This is noteworthy because there are doubtless many DSMs on the road today whose actual front calipers won't match the year/drivetrain of the vehicle. How can you be sure of which calipers you have? If you did an upgrade yourself, of course, you'd know. If not, the only way to be sure is by looking at the calipers. Distinguishing between single-piston and dual-piston calipers is fairly simple, but if you're unsure, contact RTM.

DSM (90-99) w/dual-piston front calipers.

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