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Dynatek ARC-2 Ignition System: Universal

Dynatek ARC-2 Ignition System: Universal
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From Dynatek. Say goodbye to misfires under high rpm and/or high boost 'cause the ARC-2 produces over 50,000 volts at the spark plug (which is the highest spark energy of any CDI (capacitor discharge ignition) on the market and more than double the stock voltage). The ARC-2 creates a more intense, shorter duration spark which is essential for extreme boost/rpm conditions. This unit is also very popular with those running a COP (coil-over-plug) setup. This unit features "intelligent spark profiling" in the restrike mode which allows for less delay between successive sparks. It also features a built-in launch limiter for drag style launches as well as a built in retard mode. The kit includes everything you need to install this into your vehicle: the ARC-2 amplifier module plus a universal installation kit, which includes mounting bracket, wiring and all necessary installation hardware.

Full features list: 

  • smallest, lightest CDI on the market
  • over 189mJ delivered to the coil per spark, the highest on the market
  • over 500V to the coil primary
  • over 50,000V to the coil secondary
  • intelligent spark profiling (ISP) allows for less delay between successive sparks
  • spark restrike up to 4500 RPM
  • provides high level output from as low as 8V from battery
  • built in launch limiter
  • works from 2000-11900 rpm
  • built in fixed timing retard function
  • tach output

Technical specs: 

  • operating voltage: 8-20V
  • operating current: 7.0A @ 10,000 rpm
  • maximum operational rpm: 18,000+ rpm
  • ignition inputs: two rising or falling edge
  • ignition outputs: two independent channels
  • coil primary energy max: 189+ mJ
  • coil primary voltage max: 500+ V
  • restrike window: 25 crankshaft degrees
  • launch limiter input: single wire, gnd to activate launch limit
  • retard input: single wire, gnd to activate
  • tach output: 12V square wave, 50% duty cycle
  • dimensions: 4" x 4.6" x 1.4"
  • weight: less than 1.25 lb
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