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DevilsOwn Stage 2 Progressive Meth/Water Injection Kit

DevilsOwn Stage 2 Progressive Meth/Water Injection Kit
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From DevilsOwn.

The main function of a methanol/water injection system is to suppress detonation (knock) by lowering combustion chamber temperatures (in some cases by as much as 200F). In addition, it also lowers intake air temps and increases the octane rating of your fuel. All this is useful in any internal combustion engine, but it's especially beneficial in forced induction (turbocharged and supercharged) applications. Because engine knock is eliminated, much higher boost pressures and more aggressive ignition timing than would otherwise be possible, can be used. More boost + more agressive timing = more power. It's really that simple.

There are several different versions of Stage 2 kits available and all are a significant upgrade over the Stage 1 kit. DevilsOwn refers to their Stage 2 kits as "progressive" because you can set the pressure you want to START spraying and the pressure you want FULL spray! It accomplishes this with its famous progressive controllers. Each controller also includes an extra input that you can hook up to a float level sensor, or any other ground trigger, that will light up an LED on the front of the controller. This is useful for monitoring fluid level, etc.

Controllers are available in six versions:

  1. 2 bar
  2. 2.5 bar
  3. 3 bar
  4. voltage (0-5 volt)
  5. DVC-30
  6. DVC-100

The first three controllers receive a signal from a matching MAP sensor (manifold absolute pressure sensor--sometimes called a boost sensor): 2 bar sensor for the 2 bar controller, 2.5 bar sensor for the 2.5 bar controller, 3 bar sensor for the 3 bar controller and using two adjustment knobs on the controller, you set the boost pressure you wish to start spraying and the pressure you want full spray. It should be noted that a MAP sensor is NOT included with the kit, but are available separately elsewhere on the site.

The voltage contoller is very similar to the other controllers except that instead of using the adjustment knobs to select boost pressure for start and full spray, voltages (between 0 and 5v) are selected instead. The voltage source is usually from the vehicle's stock MAP (though it can be from other sensors as well, depending on your setup).

The DVC- series of controllers work very similarly, except that it they have a boost sensor built into the controller, so there's no need to purchase a separate MAP sensor. DVC-30 is good for up to 30psi, and DVC-100 is for high boost applications up to 100 psi.  The DVC-100 kit also includes an extra 3' of hose and a second nozzle holder and "T" fitting to run 2 nozzles (not shown in picture)

All kits include the following:

  • 300 psi pump
  • pump cover
  • nozzle holder
  • self sealing tank tap
  • 20 ft of high pressure nylon tubing
  • pump mounting hardware
  • all electircal hardware and wiring
  • your choice of progressive controller
  • your choice of nozzles
  • check valve or optional solenoid upgrade
  • optional tank and float switch (if chosen)
  • detailed printed instructions

In addition to the above components, the DVC- series kits also include various tubing and fittings to plumb the controller's pressure port into a boost source on your vehicle. The DVC-100 kit includes additional hose and fittings to run 2 nozzles.

NOTE: This kit does NOT include a tank, as it is assumed you will use your windshield washer reservoir. Tanks are available as an optional extra. For details on available tanks, please refer to the "Related products" section near the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Even though these kits can be purchased with one or two nozzles, the kit includes a single check valve and a single nozzle holder. The idea behind this is to allow you to experiment with different nozzle sizes in your setup. If you wish to run multiple nozzles, additional holders and check valves would be required. These are available separately elsewhere on the site.  DVC-100 kits are intended to run 2 nozzles, and come with the required hose and hardware.

NOTE: Photo is for display purposes and depicts kit with 3-bar controller and two nozzles. Be assured that your kit will match your selections in the drop-downs. In the "View detailed images" link you'll find pics of the components included with the DVC- series controllers (except the additional hose and fittings for a second nozzle that comes with the DVC-100).

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