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VMC Aluminum Rear Diff Bushing Kit: 2g DSM

VMC Aluminum Rear Diff Bushing Kit: 2g DSM
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Manufactured in the USA by Volk Metal Craft.

It's not unusual for DSMs making big power (and/or being subjected to repeated harsh launches) to stress the factory rubber rear diff bushings to the point of severe slop or total failure. These beautiful units replace the stock rubber bushings that attach the rear diff to your subframe and firm things up considerably. Mitsu does not offer these bushings separately, they're considered part of the entire rear subframe (which, as you can imagine, is very pricey), so if your diff bushings have become sloppy, these are an excellent option. These help keep the rear end planted within the subframe to minimize the chance of breaking the rear end or rear axle.

This bushing kit is comprised of three bushings: two of them replace the stock bushings located in the rearward face of the subframe and the other replaces the stock bushing located in a bracket at the front end of the diff.

Sold as a complete set of three bushings (which is enough for full vehicle replacement).

Application: DSM (1995-99) AWD.

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