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VMC Rear Active Toe Elimination Kit: 1g DSM

VMC Rear Active Toe Elimination Kit: 1g DSM
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Manufactured in the USA by Volk Metal Craft.

1st gen AWD DSMs came from the factory with an odd trailing arm setup. They came with a bushing housing that was separate from the trailing arm and affixed to it with a rubber bushing sandwiched between. In an attempt to save money, Mitsu designed the trailing arms to accomodate a variety of platforms. As it happens, some versions of Galant came with 4-wheel steering. The odd rubber bushing trailing arm phenomenon exists to allow for some give in the Galant 4WS setup. Sad but true: ALL 1g DSMers have to suffer because some Galants came with 4WS! While this setup may be perfectly desirable for 4WS, it is UNDESIRABLE for anything else! It introduces potential play where none is supposed to exist.

VMC offers the best priced active toe eliminator on the market.  Their quality machined components will replace the sloppy OE rubber components and help keep toe static.  This kit features QA1 chromoly body heims with a Teflon liner, and 303 stainless steel standoffs.  Also included are four steel caps to weld over the holes in the trailing arms from the active toe bolts.  (Note: These caps are not required to be used, but they add a nice touch and will help keep moisture and debris from getting inside the hollow trailing arm).

Some fab work required. These will need to be welded into the OE trailing arms. Toe is adjusted by spinning the heim clockwise or counterclockwise, or by using the existing OE cam bolt (or both).

Sold per pair.

Application: DSM (1990-94) AWD.

Our price: CDN$252.98 (USD$180.70)
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