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Brake Bleeders

Brake Bleeders
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These bleeders are NOT like the fancy "speed" bleeders we carry, they are just "ordinary" bleeders very similar to the ones that came stock on your vehicle's brake calipers. The size is M10 x 1.0 which is very common on many non-US made vehicles.

NOTE: Photo is for display purposes and depicts a pair of bleeders without rubber caps, be assured however, that your order will correspond to your selections in the drop-downs.

DSM/EVOers NOTE: These bleeders are M10x1.0 which will NOT necessarily fit all DSM/EVO brake calipers.  M10x1.0 is a very common size, but other sizes are possible (M7x1.0 being the next most common after M10x1.0).  The size of the bleeder port on any particular caliper can vary.  On a single vehicle, it is not unheard of to have two (or even three) different size bleeder ports on the vehicle's calipers. Please check your calipers to ensure they have M10x1.0 bleeder ports.

DSM/EVOers NOTE: The size of the fitting for the clutch slave on a DSM/EVO is M10 x 1.0.

Sold individually and in pairs and with or without rubber caps.
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