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DevilsOwn Basic Tuner Meth/Water Injection Kit

DevilsOwn Basic Tuner Meth/Water Injection Kit
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From DevilsOwn.

The main function of a methanol/water injection system is to suppress detonation (knock) by lowering combustion chamber temperatures (in some cases by as much as 200F). In addition, it also lowers intake air temps and increases the octane rating of your fuel. All this is useful in any internal combustion engine, but it's especially beneficial in forced induction (turbocharged and supercharged) applications. Because engine knock is eliminated, much higher boost pressures and more aggressive ignition timing than would otherwise be possible, can be used. More boost + more agressive timing = more power. It's really that simple.

The basic kit is a complete basic system that is activated by your current engine management (DSM Link, Stand alone management, etc.)

The kit includes the following:

  1. 300 psi pump
  2. pump cover
  3. nozzle holder
  4. self sealing tank tap
  5. 20 ft of high pressure nylon tubing
  6. pump mounting hardware
  7. your choice of nozzles
  8. check valve or optional solenoid upgrade
  9. optional tank and float switch (if chosen)
  10. detailed printed instructions

NOTE: This kit does NOT include a tank, as it is assumed you will use your windshield washer reservoir. Tanks are available as an optional extra.

NOTE: Even though this kit can be purchased with one or two nozzles, the kit includes a single check valve and a single nozzle holder. The idea behind including two nozzles is to allow users to experiment with different nozzle sizes in their setups. If you wish to run multiple nozzles, additional holders and check valves would be required. These are available separately elsewhere on the site.

NOTE: Photo is for display purposes and depicts kit with a single nozzle. Be assured that your kit will match your selections in the drop-downs.

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