DevilsOwn Progressive Controllers

DevilsOwn Progressive Controllers
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The Progressive Controller from DevilsOwn is their latest and greatest technology thus far. It’s lightweight, easy to install, and designed to give your vehicle increased power with a users’ adjustable range.

Controller General Operation:
• Unit will read dial settings and calculate the slope of the progressive control.
• Map voltage is read and converted to a boost value.
• Pump duty cycle is calculated based on dial settings and slope.
• When boost PSI reaches the START setting, the pump will come on with a 15% duty cycle.
• It will ramp up to 100% as boost approaches FULL setting.
• The pump voltage percentage will increase with a 0.2 pound increase in boost. This means the voltage will step up 5 times over an increase of 1 PSI making a very linear response curve.

For ease of adjustment, each dial has 21 settings that are incremental. There is a setting for every hash mark and another setting in-between, each having the arrow close to a setting that will provide the exact setting. For example, the 12 o'clock position on the START dial of a 2 BAR unit is a PSI setting of 7. It will also be a 7 if the arrow is 6 degrees to right (or left) of 12 o'clock once it is beyond half way to the middle of the setting which will be 7.5PSI. This allows the user to easily set the unit to exact values without having to be fussy with the dial for reference; the Dial settings for each version are as follows: If the FULL setting is set to a lower PSI than the START setting, the start setting will be ignored. The pump will then switch on to 100% when PSI is above FULL setting. It will then switch off when it is below the FULL setting. In order to prevent loading down the MAP sensor signal, the voltage input to the controller is left floating. This means that tapping into the stock MAP sensor that is connected to your cars computer will not affect the MAP voltage. However, if the MAP input wire (green) is left disconnected, sampled voltage will be erratic and therefore pump output voltage will be erratic.

Several controllers are available.

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