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RTM Fuel Pump Sending Unit: 1g DSM AWD

RTM Fuel Pump Sending Unit: 1g DSM AWD
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This is RTM's famous Fuel Pump Sending Unit for 1g DSM AWD!  Designed and manufactured in-house here at RTM, this unit has a number of features that we feel make it one of the best sending units on the market. Constructed of CNC-machined billet aluminum and protected with a clear anodized finish, our sending unit should outlive your DSM. Here's your chance to ditch that horrible rusty contraption you've got going on and replace it with one of our beautiful units. Our sending units can be used in virtually any situation--from a stock DSM just looking to replace a rusted out stock unit to a high HP monster with huge fuel delivery requirements. How is this possible, you ask? 'Cause we offer our sending units in both single pump and dual pump versions. Check out the price of our dual pumper. You say you gotta pay to play? Maybe so, but thanks to RTM, you don't have to OVERPAY!

Packed with features:

  • Available in single pump or dual pump setups.
  • All aluminum construction with a protective anodized finish.
  • Fuel pumps are retained the PROPER way: with a retaining foot attached to the unit.
  • Fuel outlet available in a variety of configurations which enables you to plumb in virtually any setup.
  • Uses the stock sending-unit-to-tank gasket.
  • Uses the existing stock low fuel & fuel gauge sending units (which keeps your gauge accurate).
  • Uses no proprietary electrical connectors, gaskets or plumbing fittings.

NOTE: Our sending units are designed to be used with the Walbro 190-255lph family of fuel pumps, they are NOT designed to be used with the stock DSM pump. As it happens, our units WILL work with other pumps that share similar physical aspects to the Walbro units. For a list of pumps that can be used with our sending units, refer to the "Related products" link near the bottom of the page. It should be noted that non-Walbro pumps may require a Walbro pre-filter to mount to our unit.

NOTE: Our sending units will not EASILY work with other pumps that don't share the Walbro physical aspects. However, many pumps (including the stock DSM pump) can be MADE to work if our pump retaining foot is not used and the pump(s) are simply strapped to the upright. In many cases, a Walbro pre-filter may also be required.

NOTE: It should be noted that our dual pump sending unit functions perfectly well with either ONE PUMP or TWO PUMPS. This means you could run a single pump now and should your fuel delivery requirements increase in the future, you can simply plumb in another pump--easy peasy! It should further be noted that our single pump sending unit can have ONLY ONE pump plumbed in, it CANNOT have two.

NOTE: We also carry a tank stud repair kit for those who have damaged/missing studs on their tank. For details, refer to the "Related products" link near the bottom of the page.

NOTE: The Walbro fuel pumps optionally available with our sending unit includes complete install kit(s) and the entire assembly will be shipped with the pump(s) installed and ready to go.

NOTE: Photos are for display purposes and depict our units with various options. Also, in many cases, the pumps are shown without their wiring attached--this is to give a clearer view of various aspects of our sending units. Be assured that your sending unit will be complete in all respects and will correspond to your selections in the drop-downs.

NOTE: Installation instructions are available on the RTM Forums under "RTM Product Information" at the top of the Forum. For a link to the RTM Forums, refer to the top of this page.

Application: DSM (90-94) AWD.

WARNING: A new sending-unit-to-tank gasket is STRONGLY recommended. We will not entertain any complaints of leakage, fumes, etc if our sending unit is purchased WITHOUT a new gasket.

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