Outlander Front Big Brake Upgrade: DSM

Outlander Front Big Brake Upgrade: DSM
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This upgrade is designed for people who wish to upgrade the braking performance of their DSM. This is a more modest upgrade than the Cobra, VR-4 or EVO 5-9 brake upgrades we carry but it's a very inexpensive one. The premise behind this upgrade is that if you take a caliper and move it further out from the centre of the wheel hub, braking performance increases. Even if the size of the caliper and pads remain the same, braking performance still increases. As it happens, Mitsu designed one of their vehicles to take advantage of this simple concept: the Mitsubishi Outlander. The Outlander uses the exact same dual-piston caliper found on an AWD DSM but it uses a caliper bracket that spaces the caliper 10mm further from the centre of the hub. Of course, the Outlander rotor is also larger in diameter to match (296mm vs. 276mm).

For those DSMers that already have dual-piston calipers, the only components required for this upgrade are the Outlander caliper brackets and the Outlander rotors. That's it. DSM dual-piston calipers (either 1g or 2g) will work with the Outlander brackets. The basic upgrade kit includes Outlander calipers with brackets, or brackets only, and your choice of Outlander rotors and pads. We offer the Outlander calipers and brackets in your choice of four finishes: bare cast iron, or painted one of three colours: gloss red, gloss black, or flat black.

NOTE: Outlander caliper brackets will work ONLY with DSM DUAL-piston calipers, they will NOT work with DSM SINGLE-piston calipers.

NOTE: It should be noted that the brackets we offer in painted finish are NOT powder coated or painted at the factory. We purchase them in a bare cast state and spray paint them to order. The results are similar to what one would expect if they painted the brackets themselves. It should also be noted that we paint these calipers and brackets only when an order is placed, we do NOT stock pre-painted brackets and since it takes a full day for painted brackets to dry, any order that includes them will be shipped out one day later than it would otherwise.

NOTE: These brakes will NOT fit with all stock or aftermarket rims. We know they definitely clear any stock DSM 17" rim and we know of several styles of stock DSM 16" rims that clear. However, we're also aware of a few stock DSM 16" rims that do NOT clear. We know of no 15" rims that will clear these brakes. Most (but not ALL) aftermarket 16" or 17" rims will clear these brakes. Of course, since the offset and style of aftermarket rims can vary widely, RTM has no way of knowing if your particular rims will clear these brakes. It should be noted that most interference issues with most 16" rims are very small and can usually be remedied by removing a small amount of material from the calipers.

Application: DSM (1990-99).

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