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Wilwood 4-Piston Front Big Brake Upgrade Kit: 1g DSM

Wilwood 4-Piston Front Big Brake Upgrade Kit: 1g DSM
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From Wilwood, a leader in the braking industry for decades.

We at RTM have been selling our Stealth/3000GT VR4 front brake upgrade for quite a few years now. Certainly, it's an excellent "bang-for-the-buck" brake upgrade. It's a lot of brake for not a lot of money, so it's not surprising to us that it's as popular as it is. That being said, there is one "shortcoming" of the VR4 brakes: they require rims with a whole lot of inner spoke clearance (or else wheel spacers) to accommodate the VR4 calipers (which protrude a good 1.750" more outboard than the stockers).

It is for these reasons that we feel the Wilwood brake upgrade is an excellent alternative. The Wilwood calipers protrude VIRTUALLY NO FURTHER outboard than the stock calipers (they may sit a few mm further outboard and the size and shape of the caliper differs slightly from the stockers). They are located a bit further radially from the hub because of the larger rotor (about 15mm more than the stock dual-piston calipers and about 25mm more than the stock single-piston calipers). This situation is usually easily remedied with larger diameter rims. NEARLY EVERY RIM WE'VE SEEN WITH A DIAMETER OF AT LEAST 17" (including the stock 17"ers) WILL CLEAR THESE BRAKES.

So for those of you who may have been hesitant about going with VR4 brakes because of the rim fitment issues, may we present the Wilwood Big Brake Upgrade. Get all the big brake performance that comes with the Wilwood 4-piston calipers and the larger diameter Wilwood rotors without all the rim-clearance worries and headaches.

This Wilwood Big Brake Upgrade is for the front brakes and its features include:

  • 12.2"(310mm) rotors (vs. 10.8"(276mm) for stock dual-piston, 10.1"(256mm) for stock single-piston).
  • Lightweight 2-piece rotors w/cast iron outer ring & anodized aluminum hat. (Rotors weigh 10.7 lbs each vs. 12.9 lbs for stockers).
  • Rotors available in several styles and finishes.
  • Lightweight aluminum 4-piston calipers (vs stock cast iron 2-piston).
  • Calipers available in red or black finish.
  • Your choice of Wilwood performance brake pads included.
  • Stainless braided lines available as an optional extra (stock lines will NOT fit the Wilwood calipers).

Not only do these brakes offer a significant performance upgrade over the stock brakes, they actually weigh LESS than the stock setup. How's that for getting the best of both worlds! All this and they look so much better too, all for a very reasonable price.

Wilwood really offers these for the 2g DSM, but we at RTM love these so much we wanted to make them available for the 1g also. We can modify the rotors to fit your 1g if you still have your ABS rings installed, and we have had custom brake lines made up for your 1g also. It may be necessary to remove a small amount of material from the outermost portion of the lower control arm (near the balljoint) to accommodate the Wilwood rotor. Certainly nothing major. It's the kind of small accommodation that would not be unexpected when doing a major brake upgrade.

NOTE: Photo is for display purposes and depicts a full kit with red calipers and slotted & drilled rotors.  Be assured that your order will correspond to your selections in the drop-downs.

NOTE: If brake lines are purchased for all 4 corners, the rear lines supplied will be for standard 1g rear calipers.

NOTE: Rotor hats and caliper mounting brackets are finished in anodized black ONLY (regardless of rotor or caliper colour).

NOTE: These brakes may NOT clear all rims. We've test fitted these brakes with the stock 17" rims and they clear without issue. We also tested them with a few different stock 16" rims and they do NOT clear. The area of interference is NOT the inner spokes of the rim (as with the VR4 big brake upgrade for example), but rather, the "inner diameter" of the rim. This is due to the fact that the Wilwood calipers sit further radially from the hub (to accommodate the larger diameter rotor). The Wilwood calipers sit about 15mm further radially than the stock dual-piston calipers and about 25mm further radially than the stock single-piston calipers. We expect there are probably some aftermarket 16" rims that will clear these brakes, but we have no specific knowledge of which.

Application: DSM (1990-94).

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