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RTM 3" Stainless Downpipe: 2g DSM AWD

RTM 3" Stainless Downpipe: 2g DSM AWD
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We've sold tons of these throughout the years but, like everyone and everything else, we had supply chain issues during covid that prevented us from acquiring these.  Well, we worked it all out and we now have a new batch of these in stock.  We must caution you that with the 2g AWD downpipe market being what it is, we don't expect our supply to last very long.

So to avoid disappointment, you may want to act sooner rather than later.

Made from 304 Stainless with mandrel bends, all connections TIG welded, and polished to a beautiful mirror finish. Don't let the excellent price fool you--we've looked at these units very closely and the quality is top notch. 

This downpipe is "cat eliminating" so no separate catalytic converter or test pipe is required. Those who wish to plumb a catcon into their system will have to cut a portion from the end of the downpipe and plumb it in (via welded flanges, slip fit, v-band clamps, direct weld, etc.).

Comes with the O2 housing to downpipe gasket.  Hardware for the O2 housing to downpipe connection is available as an option.  The downpipe to catback gasket and hardware are available as options as well.

NOTE: We also sell a catback system and a full turboback system.  For details, please refer to the "Related products" section near the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Like ALL downpipes for 2g DSM applications, the inlet diameter (where it bolts to the O2 housing) is 2.5".  This is to accomodate the bolt spacing on the stock O2 housing.  Shortly downstream of this, the exhaust transitions up to a full 3" diameter where it continues to the other end (where it bolts to the catback).

NOTE: In the drop-downs below, there is reference to OEM studs and nuts for the connection between the O2 housing and the downpipe.  The part numbers are: MD089315 (stud) & MB059359 (nut).

NOTE: A particular manufacturer's catback system is designed to bolt up to a downpipe from the same manufacturer. In some cases, components from different manufacturers MAY bolt together satisfactorily, but there is no guarantee they will. However, even in such cases, the difference is generally only in the orientation/angle of the mating flanges and this is generally remedied by cutting off one of the flanges and re-welding it back in the proper orientation.  These downpipes are purchased from the same supplier as our 3" catback for 2g AWD, and will mate up perfectly with that exhaust.

Application: DSM (1995-99) AWD.

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