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RTM -12AN Turbo Oil Return Line for Holset Turbos

RTM -12AN Turbo Oil Return Line for Holset Turbos
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This oil return line is designed for most Holset turbos and utilizes -12AN components for the especially high-volume oil return recommended by Holset.

This kit includes 12" of hose in the selected style, and all the fittings needed to install. Available with different hose end/fitting styles and connection methods at the oil pan.

NOTE: There are two styles of connection methods for the oil pan: a bolt on fitting and a weld on fitting. The bolt on fitting has the huge advantage that it simply bolts right up to your oil pan without the need to remove your pan for welding or any other reason. It simply requires two bolts and a gasket! Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, we aren't going to lie to you....there is a small downside. The most restrictive spots in the -12AN line are inside the fittings themselves at .600" diameter. The oil return port on the oil pan of a DSM (as it comes from the factory) is about .570" diameter. That means you're restricting flow by 8%. Personally, we feel 8% is a pretty small price to pay for saving tearing the oil pan off, getting it welded, trying to get it to seal again, and on and on. Also, if you ever DO remove the oil pan, you can just dremel that opening out to .600" or bigger and have NO restriction.

NOTE: For the connection at the oil pan, we offer what we refer to as a "short steel weld bung" and an "extended length weld bung". Both of these bungs are 3/4 NPT. The short one is about .750" long and the extended one is about 1.5" long.

NOTE: In the drop-downs below there is a prompt for "hose stiffening spring". This is a spring (usually used with rubber pushlock hose) that helps prevent the hose from kinking. For more details, please refer to the "Related products" section near the bottom of the page.

NOTE: This return line is designed for a "typical" setup as one would expect to find on a DSM.  If your setup is unusual (non-typical location of turbo, non-typical location of oil return flange on oil pan, etc) this line may or may not work satisfactorily. Since every setup is potentially unique, we cannot guarantee satisfactory results in every situation.

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