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RTM Racing Window Stickers

RTM Racing Window Stickers
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These vinyl stickers allow you to show everyone you mean business! They were designed to be placed in the rear quarter-panel windows of a DSM--they're sized with this space in mind and they're sold as a set of two. Like most window stickers, the adhesive is on the "front" surface such that they are meaningful only on a transparent surface. 

We generally enclose a pair of these stickers (free of charge) with a customer's initial order. However, sometimes we may forget, you may have misplaced yours, you may want an additional set, etc.  For these reasons, we offer these stickers for sale.

NOTE: The stickers shown in the photo are one of our earlier versions. The most recent version is identical except for the addition of the webstore address in small lettering at the bottom. (By the way, this photo was taken from one of our staff member's personal vehicle. Sharp-eyed individuals may recognize a few things in the background beyond the window: the rear seat of a 2g and something on the floor behind the driver's seat--in this case a battery. A battery? This car had a common DSM problem: frying alternators! He figured working at RTM somehow gave him immunity. Anyway, this car has since had the Jay Racing alt relocate mod done so there's far less excitement in this guy's life.)

Approx dimensions: 3" tall x 5.5" wide.

Available in white or black.

Sold as a pair.

Choose colour from drop-down below:

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