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OEM PCV Delete Valve: 1/8 BSPT Male to 10mm Hose Barb

OEM PCV Delete Valve: 1/8 BSPT Male to 10mm Hose Barb
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Genuine OEM part.

Mitsu part no. MR493617

This fitting has the PROPER thread (1/8 BSPT) to fit into your valve cover where the PCV valve threads in. The hose barb is officially 10mm (3/8") and as such easily accomodates 10mm (3/8") hose. However, we find that 8mm vacuum hose is flexible enough to stretch over the end of this fitting with a little gentle persuasion. We also find that -6AN (3/8") pushlock hose is a nice snug fit as well.

This fitting is very useful for those who choose not to run a PCV valve and wish to have a proper means of plumbing rubber hose/vacuum line into the valve cover at that location. An obvious example is someone running one of our famous "Plastic Check Valves" and wanting to correctly plumb it into the valve cover. The fitting is also useful for those running some sort of catch can setup.

NOTE: BSPT stands for British Standard Pipe Taper. There also exists a Japanese standard (with a different acronym) that happens to be exactly the same. In some circles BSPT (or whatever acronym is applied) is sometimes informally referred to as "metric NPT" since the important physical aspects of the thread happen to match metric measurements.

Sold individually.

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